Resound ONE 9 Hearing Aids

Launched in August 2020 the Resound ONE, which supersedes the LiNX Quattro

New features available in the Resound ONE 9

Design: Since the LiNX Quattro, Resound has given this new platform a new shape – the ‘M&RIE’ design. This new structure uses your unique ear shape to enable the most natural sound.

All Access Directionality: Delivering the best position to hear the most important sounds by adjusting to your listening patterns. This means that you can feel more confident in conversation – especially when your environment is noisy. You will be more engaged and speech will be effortless in social gatherings.

Activate Ultra Focus: Improves your one-to-one hearing experiences in challenging environments. Hearing speech is easier, as it shifts the focus away from your surroundings without feeling isolated from them.

Resound Assist Live: Offers you the chance to speak in real-time with your audiologist.

Resound ONE 9 M&RIE

Resound have quoted that this new hearing aid is the most natural sound they have created – giving you access to the most real sense of space, sound and location of sound with their Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear device design. It is called the ‘ONE’ because they believe it to be one of a kind, in regards to how enriched your everyday sounds will be – both directional and depth.

How does it achieve this real sound? The cleverly positioned microphone sits perfectly in your own unique ear and collects sound the way nature intended you to hear it. It gives you greater speech clarity and understanding in windy hearing situations.

Resound ONE 9 Connectivity

Communicate your way with versatile Bluetooth connectivity. For instance, connect to your TV and get the sounds of your favourite shows directly in your hearing aids. Connect directly to your iPhone and Android (Only works on iOS 11 or later and Android OS version 8.0 or later) with Resound ONE – streaming audio and calls to your ears via reliable low energy Bluetooth.

Resound ONE 9 Rechargeability

Resound are now offering a premium charger – a super stylish charging pod to reflect the look of the hearing aids themselves. Get up to three days of quick charging on the go, with no power outlet needed. So, you can enjoy being out and about in confidence, without worrying about your battery power. You can also monitor your batteries status by using the Resound Smart 3D app.

Resound ONE 9 Natural Hearing

Resound has always been proactive in their hearing aid design and maintaining their ethos – to always take their inspiration from how humans hear. Using their unique Organic Hearing Philosophy – Resound is dedicated to mirroring this natural sound in their hearing device technology. This is what makes Resound ONE so unique, as it adapts and changes according to the wearer’s lifestyle choices, needs and expectations in today’s fast-paced world – it keeps up.

Hearing Loss

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Background Noise Reduction

Music Enhancement

Speech Clarity

Smartphone direct streaming




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Bluetooth Streaming

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