About Audéo Marvel

M90 is the premium technology from Phonak. The hearing aid delivers every single one of the blockbuster features consumers have come to expect, with some noteworthy industry-firsts:

  • Stereo Bluetooth streaming – Streaming from iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Android, Windows, and any other Bluetooth-enabled audio device.
  • Hands-free calling in stereo – True hands-free calling from Bluetooth-enabled phones and VOIP services like Skype.
  • TV Streaming – Marvel can stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled TVs, and can also stream from the Phonak TV Connector accessory.
  • Rechargeability – Marvel promises a full day of hearing aid use from a single charge (selected in checkout)
  • At-home adjustments – Marvel hearing aids can be adjusted remotely by your hearing expert.
  • Moisture protection – As with most Phonak hearing aids these days, Marvel hearing aids have a high IP68 rating.
  • RogerDirect – For the first time, users will be able to stream Roger directly to their hearing aids.
  • Phonak hearing aid technology – Phonak has a great reputation for helping users hear better in background noise.

It comes in different battery options: size 13, 312 and (R) rechargeable (option in checkout) size does vary between these a options with the 312 and rechargeable options being very similar, 13 being the largest)

All models also come with option with the additional telecoil setting or loop (option in checkout)

Hearing Loss

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Background Noise Reduction

Music Enhancement

Speech Clarity

Smartphone direct streaming



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Bluetooth Streaming

Number of channels

Warranty (Years)


Water resistance




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